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Technical and Communications Acumen

The intersection of sound technical solutions and clear communication-- that is one of my biggest passions.

I hold a foundation of communications and writing experience to the analytical world of engineering. Combining strengths from both sides of the brain has allowed me to accelerate client development in the engineering consulting space, and allowed me to create value as a networking connector.


On the solutions front, I currently support several amazing teams:

- Water for Industry: providing industrial water and wastewater solutions including industrial water conservation, water risk mitigation, and treatment design

- Industrial Resilience:  Providing risk and mitigation services, preparing clients for climate change impacts, such as extreme weather events, and saving them millions in avoided damages costs

- Sustainability: supporting clients in both corporate sustainability initiatives including on-the-ground technical solutions, corporate social governance, and reporting


In addition, I have used this junction of skills to develop and produce podcasts highlight professional women in male-dominated fields; I've interviewed over 25 women scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists. Promoting the voices of women in these spaces is also a priority dear to my heart.


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