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The Lead to Soar Podcast

Mel is proud producer of the Lead to Soar podcast. She produces the show (and occasionally hosts) with Michelle Redfern, co-founder of A Career that Soars! Together, their mission is to provide women insights and actionable advice to help women reach their highest career ambitions; they do this through discussions, interviews, and Q&A sessions. Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or the web

A Career that Soars!

A Career that Soars! (or ACtS!) is an organization led by distinguished leaders, Susan Colantuono and Michelle Redfern, with a track record of supporting diverse women to reach their highest potential. It's a space to network, learn, and grow together. Mel is proud to be a co-host inside ACtS!

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Women Leaders Connect

Women Leaders Connect is curated by Mel Butcher for small cohorts of senior to executive level women leaders seeking leadership support and insights from other women leaders. Cohorts meet bi-weekly via teleconference for 4-6 months periods. To be notified of the next available cohort, sign up here.