Underdog Engineers

The most tailored programs for your professional goals & career stage

Underdog Engineers offers the only career accelerator programs tailored to early career engineers (and technologists) in a cohort based setting. You will learn not only how to network with technical leaders like a pro — but also how to land and nail the interview to put you engineering career on an upward path to success. 

There are currently two programs available. Catalyze is for entry level candidates in the midst of a job search. Ascend is for young professionals (<10 years experience) looking for support to take the next big step in their career.

Find (free resources!) Underdog blog posts here, and click an option below to learn more  about each course. 


Did you go into engineering because it's your passion or dream... despite the fact that no one in your family was an engineer or scientist? Did you choose engineering because it's a solid career path, even though you had no one in your network to guide you and show you the ropes? 

If that sounds anything like you, and you're struggling with or getting nervous as you approach your job search in engineering, then Underdog Engineer is for you!

By the end of Catalyze you will get:

Solid Resume

Your resume will be reviewed and polished so that you can shine!

Networking skills

You'll learn the best ways to network with other industry professionals + tips for pandemic networking.

Understanding of your career options

You will get a clear understanding of the different places you can get a job (in the US) and what that means for your lifestyle.

refined interview skills

You will learn interviewee techniques and practice with peers... multiple times!

But above all else...

Underdog Engineers will give you the confidence to finally pursue and have a real chance at landing a job with your target company. 


You've put in a lot of hard work to earn your degree in engineering. Underdog Engineers will ensure that your hard work takes you where you want to go, setting the foundation for your highest career ambitions.