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What You're Not Taught in Engineering School

Updated: May 4, 2021

After a number of career fairs and recruiting events, I've begun to recognize some patterns. If you are a graduating or entry level engineer, listen. Most of this is not your fault. Unless you grew up in a family of engineers, universities let you just fumble through learning these things along the way.

Here are things I see young engineering candidates consistently challenged by:

  • Basic conversation skills

  • Preparing for an interview, no matter how informal, by researching the company first

  • Understanding of the *type of job opportunities available for someone with their degree and the lifestyle implications of those jobs

  • A resume that fits on 1 page

  • A resume that showcases action and that showcases how the person acquired and applied specific technical knowledge

  • Understanding what a mentor is and how to find one

  • Making a good impression via phone call or teleconference interview ('rona times y'all)

I don't like to see the underdogs fumble; I want to help. I've been creating a course to address these specific points. And because people retain more when it's live and when they work with a cohort, that's how I plan to facilitate it. If you or someone you know would be interested in such a course, drop me a line here.


In the meantime, here are some free resources I made for young engineers:

If you find this content helpful, connect with me on LinkedIn to see more resources like this. And if you're a young engineer on the job hunt, get your hands on the Underdog Engineers Ultimate Resume Checklist FREE.

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