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What is Lead to Soar?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Some years ago, I came across Susan Colantuono's TED talk titled "The Career Advice You Probably Didn't Get". It left an impact on me, even though I didn't entirely understand it the first time.

Eventually, I sent Susan a LinkedIn connection request and she, thankfully, connected. We chatted briefly. And I didn't know then how lucky that day was.

A while later, she sent me an invite to beta test a group she was forming. Of course I said yes. Who would say no to Susan?

That group is called A Career that Soars! ACtS! is a lot of things. It's a virtual space for career women to network. It's a forum where we support one another. It sits on a platform where we can also easily host virtual networking events, courses, and workshops. What makes ACtS! special is the special dedication that Susan and her cofounder, Michelle Redfern, have to Advancing Women.

Susan envisioned ACtS! to be the resource for career development that any woman working her way up inside a public or private organization could access, even if her employer isn't extending training/development opportunities to her.

At the foundation of it all is our most cherished piece of Susan's work - No Ceiling, No Walls, a book that defines leadership, that helps us understand all the components required to rise, and a dive into the areas women are typically underdeveloped in. Those missing pieces are what Susan calls The Missing 33%. And they are critical to advancement!

I poked around and poked around and started interacting with Susan and Michelle more...

Eventually, we decided that we'd make a podcast together. And that I would launch and produce it.

How did this happen?

Did I invite myself to do it?

However it went down, Lead to Soar was born, and I think credit goes to Michelle for coming up with the fantastic name!

The Lead to Soar podcast logo, business woman with cape   - on blog post by Mel Butcher

As you might imagine, our focus is on creating a show that provides actionable advice for women, and insights for allies.

We're on episode 14 now and what a joy it's been! I'm so proud of our work product. There are all different types of episodes: all three of us have interviewed various guests, we've come together (like in the 2020 reflection episode), we've interviewed each other, and the latest is an all Q&A episode where we answer questions the audience has left for us. Anyone can leave a career question to be answered by visiting LeadToSoar.com.

So... that's what Lead to Soar is. I hope you'll take a listen on your favorite podcast platform and let us know what you think.

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