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STEM Creators / Resources ~ A Living Post

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Recently, I had a call with an engineer looking to start a blog. They were interested in finding other content creators in this space to follow. I'm going to share the folks that I know of and shared with this individual and will leave the comments open on this post for you to add yourself or other recommendations. Please note, my intent is to share content creators and resources geared toward professionals; hubs and listicles abound on the internet for primary education STEM resources.

Thanks for engaging!


Dr. Nehemiah Mabry, Founder of STEMedia - Dr. Mabry is a structural engineer, educator and entrepreneur based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His goal is to connect and find ways to empower more individuals pursuing careers in STEM.


Erika Jefferson is a Chemical Engineer and Founder of Black Women in Science and Engineering, an organization that provides support to women in these fields. If your company is seeking diverse talent, you can contact Erika about rates to get opportunities in front of the BWiSE cohort.


Arnold Morales is host of the Nontraditional College Success podcast - giving underrepresented students the resources they need. Arnold has presented to thousands of high school and college students on topics from "why you should go to college" to "landing your dream job". Arnold is an engineer with a master's degree working at his dream company. He has been a recruiter for top companies, a college professor, and a scholarship interviewer. All these experiences give Arnold the knowledge of what a recruiter, professor, and scholarship want from students.


Sol Rosenbaum - Mechanical Engineer and founder of The Engineering Mentor, a resource for young engineers looking to grow in their careers.


Dr. Gae Walters is an Organizational Psychologist and author of Solving for X in the Y Domain, in which she explores how women are overcoming the forces that have prevented qualified women from entering the executive suites of STEM organizations. She relays accounts from women leaders in STEM professions, detailing their experiences with overcoming gender-based barriers to reach senior-level leadership positions. Some of their strategies and skills can be illuminating for aspiring women.


Vanessa Vakharia is founder of The Math Guru, a boutique math tutoring biz in Toronto. She's also a podcaster, bringing the joys of Mathematics to ears around the world in Math Therapy!


Kara Diane Festa - Engineer and consulting executive turned coach - supporting women in business and STEM to thrive.


Linda Taliaferro - Linda is a Mechanical Engineer and has had a long career in EHS and Manufacturing. She Founded The TEE (The Extra Effort), where she helps professionals remove roadblocks in their career journey so that they can get a seat at the table.


Jennifer Braganza is a Chemical Engineer and Founder of Exponential Success. Jennifer has over 20 years of leadership experience in product design & development, process improvement, and leading strategic change initiatives. She is a coach and creator of multiple initiatives to support and help STEM professionals excel. [I also interviewed Jennifer for The Empowering Women Podcast, which you can find as episode 13 of Season 2.]


Stephanie Slocum is a Structural Engineer turned coach and Founder of Engineers Rising, LLC., where she helps female engineers create a path to the career and life they deserve.


Jill Pestana is a Physicist and Founder of the STEM Thrive Guides, which are online courses that teach how to achieve win-win outcomes for those experiencing bias, harassment, and discrimination in school and workplaces.


Brianne C. Martin (The People Engineer) is an international speaker, a manufacturing consultant, and an engineering founder who applies tactical engineering methodologies to solve everyday people problems. With 10+ yrs of continuous improvement experience, she helps underserved individuals get over their constraints both personally and professionally.


Jeff Nigh is a Field Applications Engineer at Intel and creator of the STEM on Fire Podcast, where he interviews all manner of STEM professionals to help young minds find a career path that's right for them.


Gina Covarrubias founded Deliberate Doing LLC, an exclusive STEM coaching service dedicated to helping technical professionals defeat career despair. Her specialized coaching solves the common STEM problem: "What do I do next with my life?" As a former engineer, Gina identifies with technical experts who question their personal or professional existence.


Teresa Hutton is a software engineer/scrum master and coach. She enjoys coaching technical professionals so they can explore their potential with less stress. She makes environments more productive and efficient through facilitating gamestorming sessions, removing roadblocks, and solving problems. Learn more on her blog, the Q2 Leader.


Lauren Hasson is Founder of DevelopHer and a full-time, software engineer working on the frontlines of tech myself. My technical areas of expertise are RoR, iOS, voice, and AppSec. I founded DevelopHer to empower women to own their careers and advocate for themselves so they can create the life they want. Because of DevelopHer, women are building their confidence, earning more, and owning their futures. These achievements have not gone unnoticed....


Through A Life of Options, LLC., Lindsay Gordon, "helps analytically minded people stop doing what you think is 'right' and start doing what's right for you." Her aim is to show you how to get clarity about what’s right for you in a job and why, communicate your strengths and abilities to managers, colleagues, and interviewers, and create the framework you need to confidently make decisions. All while feeling good in your own skin.


A first generation college graduate and chemical engineer, Ash Norton set out in the corporate world to make a significant, positive impact. She discovered her strengths as a leader, not technical skills or business acumen, set her apart. Since then, she has "committed to teaching engineers how to improve their impact through professional and leadership development." Learn more at Engineer with Impact.


Andrea DuMont is creator of the blog WaterMark, a thought space for furthering the engineering industry by linking diversity & innovation challenges with solutions through transparency, communication, and empowerment.


Anthony Fasano is a Civil Engineer turned Coach and Founder of the Engineering Management Institute.


Nicolai Oliden helps young professionals prepare for the pressures of adulthood and the office. He created a Leadership Training company, engineeringYOU, which helps equip young professionals with self-leadership skills in order to be more focused and balanced at work and home. I have mentored and coached dozens of engineers, hosted online and in-person workshops, and presented to hundreds of professionals.


What other STEM content creators / resources professionals do you like?

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