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Preparing for the Entry Level Engineering Interview

Updated: May 15

You've graduated (WOOHOO!) and you've got a big job interview lined up (DOUBLE WOOHOO!)...

Did panic just set in?

How will you be sure you answer the questions right!?

Will they like you!?

You need this job! How do you showcase the best of yourself!? Don't panic, my friend.

You can do this.

First, remember that interviews are often about seeing if you are a good fit for the team versus verifying you answer questions "correctly". So, you need to find a way to calm your nerves as you go into the interview and go prepared.

Here's what I mean by being prepared. You need to do the research about the company you'll be interviewing with. You can proactively learn everything you can that's easily accessible in their website, and perhaps even in media articles about the company or its leadership (for instance - in large companies, high ranking individuals have likely been interviewed for recent trade articles or podcasts). And as you're doing this research, write down at least 10 thoughtful questions to ask when you are at the interview.

"What are the company's core values?" <-- Not a thoughtful question because you should be able to easily find this on their website, which means you should walk into the interview knowing this.

"I read that the company's core values include X, Y, and Z. Would you mind sharing with me how this team contribute's to those values? And what does that mean to your clients?" ^ Now we're getting warmer.

You may not get to ask all 10 questions you develop, but your preparation will come through in the interview.

Find a professional through your disciplines trade organization or a trusted friend to do a mock interview with (maybe even several) in advance of your real interview. Practice is the best way to get better at anything, especially when it comes to speaking with people like at an interview.


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