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Mentorship and Sponsorship Discussion Resources

If you're here, chances are good that you heard me give a talk about mentorship and sponsorship. Thank you for listening and engaging (High Five!!)!!!

This is a quick follow up to share some resources with you...

First, I've done some writing on the blog here about mentorship. In particular, I'd like to point you to this one where I shared a "Mentee's Commitment". This is important for both a mentee to consider, and also leaders to consider when they are creating a framework for mentorship programs.

General Resources

Aimed at Women and their Allies

Let me know what you think and find helpful. And remember, there's plenty of room for success for everyone, especially in the water industry and engineering at large. One of the best things you can do on the way is actively look for ways to help your peers and others around you succeed on their journey.

Hope to see you all again soon!

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