• Mel Butcher

If You're Struggling

This is an extremely difficult time to be a job seeker. If you're struggling with the job hunt in this market, it's not you.

There is nothing wrong with you.

The market is flooded with talent and companies are cutting spending, which is partially why the market is flooded with talent.

Layered on top of that, the pandemic now limits or entirely eliminates traditional methods for networking to meet new professionals -- socials, organization happy hours, conferences, and the like.

So, I must reiterate:

There is nothing wrong with you.


It seems that if there's one thing we can expect in life, it's that things will not go according to plan.

If we are lucky enough to wake up in the morning, we are lucky enough to have some choices.

We can choose, for instance, to be creative.

We can choose to place our attention externally rather than internally. What I mean is that even when we are at what feels like our lowest low, there is still someone out there who could use our help. There are still real ways for us to contribute making the world a better place.

We can choose to take actions towards "a better place" over the option of choosing cynicism.

I posed this question to a job seeker recently:

What creative ways might you begin to make a real relationship with a professional at your target employer?

This young engineer thought a bit and then shared they had been thinking about starting a blog or other type of platform to create resources encouraging children to engage in STEM.

Fantastic, this taps into something this individual is passionate about and can definitely create positive change.

How might they leverage this passion?

What if this engineer stood up their platform and asked to interview professionals in their area (where they also happen to be looking for a job)?

I feel confident that they can find at least one professional in their target market that will agree to participate in this. The cascading effect will be - the engineer gets to build their network, and the professional gets to be enrolled in something they can be proud of too - helping young minds.

And maybe all you need is that one person that helps you see the light on the trail again.



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