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Humanity and Technology Overlap

Mel Butcher | Humanity and Tech Overlap blog

We teach engineers to design systems that work. Systems that solve our problems -- manufacture the widget more quickly; design a bridge that stands, even with semi trucks on it during a severe storm; treat the water so it's safe to drink...

We neglect to teach engineers to foster buy-in.

We neglect to teach them to build rapport with communities so that its members can trust our systems and support taxes or rate increases for infrastructure upgrades.

We neglect to teach engineers to collaborate effectively with other professionals, especially those outside of engineering.

Much of engineering has avoided human factors like:

who needs to buy-in to this idea so it gets paid for?


what are the needs of the person who will be operating this?


how will we ensure important knowledge is passed to a next generation of designers and operators?


how will we ensure there is a next generation of these professionals?

Past neglect has created many problems we're watching unfold today.

Younger generations are being forced to meet these challenges. And they will succeed by bringing humanity - courage, care, creativity, listening, trust, and empathy - to their work.

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