• Mel Butcher

Goal Setting: Not Just for New Years!

Several weeks ago, a small cohort of savvy women kicked off the year with some serious self-reflection on goal-setting for the year.

I'm sure you've seen the statistics on resolutions. They don't last.

That's why in this workshop, we focused on understanding our values, core desires, setting intention, and creating the framework for gentle, positive accountability.

Here's some of the feedback I received from workshop participants:

I liked the supportive group along with the open and candid conversations. This was a great start to 2021 to set goals in a group with other ACtS members.
I liked the positivity of everyone and that it was such a supportive group. I also like the exercises leading up to the workshop, they were thoughtful and while a little uncomfortable at times, they weren't necessarily stressful.
I liked everything about this workshop - the variety of questions presented and the shuffling of breakout sessions so that we could talk through different topics and issues. I felt like I had lightbulb moments and have 4 pages of things I wrote down.

Of course, goal setting isn't just for the new year. The best time to get clear on your goals is today.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback, I will be offering additional goal-setting workshops in 2021. If you'd like to be notified of future workshops, sign up here.



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