• Mel Butcher

Gifts of 22

I recently found myself trailing down a rabbit hole of swag websites. You can put your logo on anything these days. It's difficult to find the gifts people will actually want. More difficult, still, to find a gift that can really make a difference in their work and life.

On a break from my hunt for interesting swag, I came across an important reminder.

Gifts don't have to come in a box.

No matter who you are, there are gifts (that cost little to nothing) you can give to your ideal customers, clients, as well as colleagues and the next generation of professionals...

  • Sharing a book or article you believe could help them

  • Introducing two people in your network

  • Giving a positive online review for a friend or colleague's business, podcast, etc.

  • Sharing time to help transfer some of your knowledge to another

  • Writing out some of your expertise and sharing it in a way your network can access

How else might you give?

Proactively finding more ways to share abundance - a worthy challenge as we walk together into a new year.

Happy New Years to you!

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