• Mel Butcher

A Tale of Two C-Suite Execs

The best thing about running a podcast is the many interesting and smart people the host gets to meet and interview.

On the current podcast I work on, Lead to Soar, I primarily act as producer, but I also occasionally host.

The episode we're releasing today (Feb 4, 2021) features Heather Polinsky, Chief Operating Officer of Arcadis NA, interviewed by yours truly.

As I went through the editing process, what stood out to me is that Polinsky echoed several of the same thoughts and advice from another C-Suite executive from an earlier episode.

If you've never listened to Lead to Soar before, try listening to these two episodes back-to-back:

Notice how they talk about setting measurable goals in business - essentially S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Then, also take note of how both of these executives emphasize the importance of lateral career moves to get experience in different areas of the business.

Did you hear other similarities in thoughts or advice from these powerhouse women? Drop me a line and let me know what you learned.


Lead to Soar is a production of A Career that Soars! Learn more here.

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