📢  Speaking

It has been a privilege to present at multiple conferences, on topics ranging from Emotional Intelligence for Leaders to Industrial Wastewater research. Events I have spoken at include:

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Mel Butcher at NAEP
Mel and ASCE USF Students

Photos: 1) Accepting award at NAEP annual conference, 2) Pictured with ASCE at USF student chapter

🖋️ Writing

MButcher's article in WE&T


I am a partner of the Empowering Women in Industry organization where I host and produce the Empowering Women Podcast. The Podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

For the retired podcast, STEMxm, I interviewed over 25 amazing women for the show. It was gratifying to have a vision and make it come to fruition. I handled every aspect of production from securing guests to interview, cutting/editing audio, and the full-spectrum of marketing efforts. Although I ended this podcast, I learned so much from going through the process. You can view the episode list here and access the podcast on iTunes here.

The Empwering Women Podcast
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